Fortis et Prudens Simul

Roycemore School’s motto, fortis et prudens simul,  which is Latin for “strength and careful judgment together”, goes back to Roycemore’s beginnings.  The motto actually came from the Royce family, from which Roycemore’s name originates, and this motto is as relevant for us today as it was back in 1915.

Let’s first consider what it means to be “strong.” When one thinks of the word “strong,” it can be thought of in several contexts.  Strength can be shown in terms of one’s physical ability, the quality of being able to withstand force and pressure, or even in terms of one’s language.  With respect to Roycemore’s motto, however, we will consider “strong” in terms of one’s determination, the ability to maintain self-control, and even the quality of being unflappable and not easily disturbed.

Now, let us contemplate the importance of “careful judgment.”  If someone possesses this quality, one would likely think through the ramifications of one’s actions before acting- weighing the impact of their choices on other people, or evaluate available data in order to make informed decisions.

Bringing the qualities of strength and careful judgment together, this presents a powerful combination– one that is quite difficult for many adults to exhibit.  And yet, we see our motto in action often at Roycemore.  

  • It was demonstrated by a Lower school student who desperately wanted to be recognized in class for the work he had done on his project, but saw that another student who doesn’t always get attention for her work had produced a beautiful project.  Instead of seeking approval from the teacher, he chose instead to compliment his friend in front of the teacher.  
  • It was demonstrated when our Middle School volleyball team arrived at another school late for the game due to transportation issues, and chose to stay focused and positive when the other team’s parents gave our team a hard time for being late.  
  • Strength and careful judgment were also on display this fall when a student was wrongly accused of being a “bully” and the student being accused chose to show empathy for the other student by trying to see the situation from his point of view.  The student demonstrated compassion instead of retribution.

Our motto also reminds us of the importance of our core values of community, compassion, respect,, and integrity–values that guide our interactions at school on a daily basis.