It’s staggering.  This year, every minute of every day:

  • 188 million emails are sent
  • Over 18 million texts are sent
  • Over 4.5 million YouTube videos are viewed
  • Nearly 4.5 million Google searches are conducted

The statistics in the graph above were compiled by Domo from multiple sources to demonstrate the incredible volume of data that is generated in our world today.  This is the world our children live in– the world of big data. And our children begin creating a digital footprint, often from the moment they are born– perhaps even before!  Their generation is the generation of the digital age like none other. What does this mean for them? What decisions will be made for them by algorithms created by A.I. machines? What are the ramifications- both positive and negative- of living in a deeply digitally connected world?

Recently the Roycemore School Board of Trustees held its annual retreat with the senior administrative team.  We engaged in high-level strategic discussions about the skills that our students need to thrive in this time of exponential change and how Roycemore can support them in the acquisition of these skills.  Coming out of this retreat the senior administrative team is preparing to advance some initiatives with our faculty that we will have more to share with the community in the coming months. The Board has also approved the creation of a task force that will be leading our strategic planning that will launch next year.  In advance of that strategic planning effort, we will be hosting a series of community conversations on a variety of topics that will inform the school’s strategic planning. Some members of our community were involved in “NextGen Roycemore” conversations a couple of years ago. We view this new series of community conversations as NextGen Roycemore 2.0.  Information will be coming soon on how you can participate. In the meantime, if you are interested, please send an email to afinleyodell@roycemoreschool.org.