Noun: (Min-EE-a-CHur) a thing that is much smaller than normal, especially a small replica or model.

This Thursday night is Miniature School night at Roycemore, however, other than shortened schedules, there will be nothing SMALL about this night.  Many schools call this night, “Back-to-School Night.” It is an opportunity for parents and guardians to visit Roycemore to hear from their childrens’ teachers about what to expect for the year ahead.
Our faculty and students, however, are thinking BIG!  There is much to be excited about and we look forward to sharing this with you.  You don’t want to miss this evening where you won’t just hear about what your child will be experiencing in their classes, but about some of the bigger picture thinking that is taking place at Roycemore.  We also have a very special announcement about an event and opportunity for our Upper School students this fall; an event which we will be the first high school in the world to host!
Come share the excitement of the new year and hear about how YOU can get involved.

5:45pm Thursday September 5th