Maci and the Roycemore Garden

How did you spend your summer vacation? One student used her summer break to help care for the newly planted Roycemore Garden! The project started last year in the 4th grade classroom with students making a worm compost and planting seedings in their room. Fruits and vegetables were eventually moved to the outside garden along the south side of the building. Other grades got involved and lots of students took turns during the spring watering and weeding to help the garden flourish.  

However, the real fruits of their labor would not be realized until later in the year. So the question became, who would come to campus during the summer months to help care for the crops? Fifth Grader, Maci took the lead and for weeks she stopped by campus multiple times to water, weed, and tend to issues such as overcrowding. Throughout the summer, she was able to harvest tomatoes, onions, carrots, hot peppers, green beans, basil, and rosemary! Great job Maci!