Roycemore School Safety Bulletin

Dear Roycemore Families,

On Monday morning after arriving at the school, I discovered that there was a hole in the window of our library at Roycemore.  Looking more closely I assessed that it was likely a bullet hole as there were also holes going in and out of one of the blue awnings on our deck.  We called the police immediately who promptly responded and commenced an investigation.  

We are very fortunate to have great partners the Evanston Police Department (EPD), notably Detective Mario Miller who did excellent police work to determine the cause of the damage to our property, in collaboration with Detective Mike Jones. Detective Miller is also one of our partners when we conduct safety drills at the school.  EPD completed their investigation this afternoon and determined that an owner of a co-op apartment across the street, who is a school security guard at a school in the city, was cleaning his gun Saturday night when his gun accidentally discharged. It was his belief that the bullet had gone into a tree. It was only today that he learned that it had hit our building and he has expressed great remorse.  We will be working with EPD for the individual to both make restitution to the school as well as provide assurances that this could never again occur.

There is nothing more important than the safety of our children on our campus and we go to great lengths to ensure that Roycemore is a safe place for them.  We regret this unfortunate accident and take it very seriously. We commit to continuing to work closely with EPD to ensure we can do all we can to protect our children.  Fortunately, this incident was an accident and never posed a threat to anyone on our campus. You have our ongoing commitment to do all in our power to ensure that Roycemore continues to be a sacred, safe place for your children.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and our faculty and staff, I thank you for your trust and partnership.

With Appreciation,

Adrianne Finley Odell

Head of School