“Coming From Roycemore, I Think It Will Be A Great Fit”

I am going to major in Computer Science and minor in Business at Chapman University. I wanted a school that was in the heart of the tech industry. That narrowed my search to the West Coast and more specifically to California. I then narrowed my search further, this time by the school’s size. Coming from Roycemore, I wanted a smaller school, with small class sizes. This left me with a handful of schools, one of which was Chapman. I visited Chapman over the summer and really liked it. The campus was small and close together; everything was within a short walk. Its location in California was also great. It was in a quiet area of Orange County, close to Disneyland, and a 45 minute drive from downtown LA. Chapman had just finished building a new science and technology building that I will be using for my major. On top of all that, it has year-round great weather. I came away from my visit to Chapman with very positive impressions. Computer Science, like many majors, is a subject that can be taught almost anywhere with a similar level of quality. You don’t really need access to special equipment or need to pass a test to get any licenses or certifications to get a job in the field. What really is important is networking and making connections. Like many industries, knowing people in tech is very important. At Chapman, with its close proximity to the tech industry, I will be able to meet many people and have the opportunity to interact with many companies. In the end, Chapman’s size and location were the two main reasons for why I chose it. Coming from Roycemore, I think it will be a great fit.

– Mark, Class of 2019

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