“Roycemore Opened My Eyes To So Many Opportunities That I Hadn’t Had Before”

All of the schools I got accepted to had great programs and opportunities in Biology, so it was really down to location and campus life for me as the deciding factor. Loyola is right on the edge of downtown Chicago and has a train stop right on campus. However, the campus does not feel like it’s in the middle of a huge city. It is closed in and seems to be in its own area. There is so much to do on campus, and with the city next door I’m sure I won’t be short of things to do! The class sizes aren’t too big at Loyola and they have many research and internship opportunities for my major in Biology, which was very important to me. I loved looking around the labs when I visited for the first time and I could tell Biology and the sciences were really strong at Loyola. 

Roycemore is the place that initially sparked my interest in science and especially biology. When I first came here I thought I hated science, but Ms. Showers was such a great teacher and made it so interesting that after taking Biology as a freshman I knew that was what I wanted to do in the future. Roycemore also taught me that if you work hard enough, you can achieve so much and this school opened my eyes to so many opportunities that I hadn’t had before. One of these was participating in the school musical each year. I wouldn’t have done that before coming here and it gave me lots of confidence and made me realize how much I can achieve when I put my mind to something. 

– Olivia, Class of 2019

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