“I Believe I Will Find My Way At Warren Wilson”

College is an important part of students’ academic journey and for me it is beyond important. I am very happy that I am accepted to college in the United States. No matter where I go, it matters how well I grow and how I use my time and opportunities there. So this fall, I will attend Warren Wilson, which I am super excited because of the ups and downs I have gone through to get to this level. Warren Wilson has offered a full tuition scholarship that I am privileged to accept. Paying for college could have been a big struggle if I wasn’t chosen for it. I have been in big schools with thousands of students in Afghanistan, but attending a small college in the United States is what I have been looking for. I believe I will find my way at Warren Wilson because of its tight and super-connected community. Warren Wilson has better work opportunities compared to other schools and will help me turn my knowledge into practical real work experience. Here at Roycemore, I have been involved in a variety of clubs and activities and from each I have imbibed and learned new things. I hope my attendance at Warren Wilson gives me the chance to put all my thoughts to use and share them with others. I will also carry with me my experience of private education from a small school to a much bigger educational body to use for the betterment of a new lifestyle.

– Iman, Class of 2019

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