“I was born to be a 49er.”

– By Zak Showers

I chose UNC Charlotte because of the opportunities I would have. I plan on studying meteorology in preparation for a career as a “weatherman.”  However, meteorology is a major that is not offered at many schools. My family and I visited many schools in the midwest looking for the right fit; however, the schools lacked the amenities that I was looking for in addition to my major.  UNC Charlotte also has a beautiful campus, which is a self-sustaining mini-city in the center of a larger city. The campus has everything a student needs to study, work, and have extra-curricular opportunities right there—everything from a theater, barber shop, outdoor swimming pools, and a variety of food choices. There is no need to leave campus, everything is within walking distance. However, if I do want to leave, the CATS transit line comes on campus and is free to use for UNC Charlotte students, opening up a world of possibilities. Though the campus is large, the layout is accommodating enough to feel like you can navigate your surroundings with ease. With centrally located academic buildings, I know that I will not be completely lost when I am going to the library, my classes, or even back to my dorm. I chose UNC Charlotte because of a strong personal connection to the area and school itself. Before coming to Roycemore we lived in Charlotte, near the university. It was a place that I saw daily, and know the neighborhood and local area. When I began my college search, I never thought I would end up at UNC Charlotte; both of my parents went to and graduated from UNC Charlotte. I even remember going to the campus bookstore with my parents when I was a small child. However, after looking at several schools, it became clear that UNC Charlotte has the resources for me to be anything I want, a beautiful campus that has everything, and already has memories from years ago.  I was born to be a 49er.

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