Middle School Class Speakers

Roycemore was lucky to have two very bright and articulate students speak at the Middle School Awards and 8th Grade Graduation. With poise and humor, they made us laugh and cry while they reflected on their time here at Roycemore and what it is like to be a Middle School Griffin. Please enjoy these excerpts from their speeches…

Natalia B.

Teachers at Roycemore aren’t just teachers, they are close friends that teach you something new every day until you know it as well as your name. Every kid in this school is almost like family with each other. Age doesn’t really break us apart, I guess it just brings us more together. It is awesome to see the older kids hanging out with the preschoolers. This is seen in all sorts of events in Roycemore, for example, choir, where the middle and upper school sing together, like today. All school events, like Carnival, Chinese new year, Palio, Wassail, and tumbling are also times when kids of all ages are celebrating together. 

I hope everybody agrees with me on this, but Mrs. Wunder, your tumbling shows are so unique, literally, no other schools do these amazing tumbling shows that we spend hours and hours on. Tumbling is just one specifically special thing about Roycemore, and there are so many things like this.

Thank you to all our teachers for your consistent love and support. Thank you to all our parents for choosing Roycemore, and my parents for letting me be a part of this wonderful school. Thank you to my fellow classmates, who I also consider friends, for being here throughout the years. I will miss everyone as we move on! 

Sanjeev G.

I’ve been at Roycemore since 4th grade. I came to Roycemore because I was looking for a place where I could be academically challenged. Like many of my classmates, I’m leaving with so much more, having made so many close friends, and having done things I never thought I’d do. In fourth grade, I didn’t expect much from middle school. I expected to come to school, go to class, and then go home. Instead, I learned what I was capable of, things I didn’t expect to be able to do. I remember seeing tumbling shows, never expecting to be on the mats, much less the springboard. I didn’t think I’d play any sports in middle school, but Mrs. Wunder, Mr. Stanley, and Mr. Linkhart encouraged me to play basketball, run cross country, and tumble. My experience is similar to many of my classmates.

There’s something special about Roycemore that binds us and keeps us close. Remember to take that spirit of kinship that we’ve taken for granted here in our little Roycemore bubble and use it to form new, strong friendships with your new classmates. Another nice thing that we’ve taken for granted here at Roycemore is the encouragement we’ve received, regardless of our expertise, to play every sport and participate in every activity. In high school, we may not get that same encouragement, or we may not feel as comfortable to try something new in front of our new classmates. For my classmates, use the confidence you’ve built here to try new things and don’t be afraid to fail. Whether failure means embarrassment, sore muscles, or even a 97, remember that you’ll never experience success if you don’t try. And whatever you choose to pursue during and after high school, just make sure you give 110%. Don’t go in timidly or halfway. Remember that every time we fail, we’ve become one step closer to success.

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