In Celebration of Poets and Poetry

Photo of bulletin board by the PK classroom on the ground floor.

Inspired by the loveliness of language
This month we celebrate poetry of all variety
Sonnet, Narrative, Refrain, Lyric
Haiku, Pastoral, Ballad or Limerick
Each manifestation has devotees in our society

Yes, April is National Poetry Month and at Roycemore our teachers and students are enjoying poetry exposure throughout the school.  In library class, Mrs. Fisher is teaching all kinds of poetry to her students. She includes concrete poetry and spoken word poetry (aka Rap!) in some fun lessons.  She will also teach blackout poetry to the 3rd-6th graders with social justice as a backdrop.

Mrs. Campbell shared that students in her upper school Story and Structure class are beginning each class with a poem this month. The sole purpose is to give them a break from work on a research paper.  They pause, listen to and appreciate a poem. Over the course of the month, they will read selections from Charles Bukowski, Pablo Neruda, bell hooks, Audre Lorde, and other poets. Then, students can earn extra credit for taking their appreciation a step further. They can share the poem with a friend from another English class. When that friend comes to visit the teacher to discuss the poem, the friend earns a few extra credit points for the student in the Story and Structure class. The results are fun and sometimes surprising. Students find they like the poems. They end up talking to their peers about poetry (of all things!).

Middle School Humanities students wrote poems to submit to the Illinois State Manningham Contest.  Three students were contest winners and were recently recognized, Haido, Jahnavi and Anthony.  Below is one of Anthony‚Äôs poems that is sure to make you smile!:

Oh hot cheetos
I love your curly crunchy puffs
I love your cheesy taste
Obscured by delicious spiciness
I eat them all with haste


I love your spicy flavour
And the chemicals that make it up
Oh my gosh I love you so
Even though you’ll make me glow
In the dark
Because of all the chemicals

We invite you to join us in celebrating National Poetry Month.  Here is a link to 30 ways you can celebrate from the Academy of American Poets – enjoy!

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