Alumni Feature: Agnes Kolbeck ’08

After leaving Roycemore, Alum Agnes Kolbeck (née Robin Mahung) studied Developmental Psychology at Knox College, completed her Masters in Children’s Law and Policy at Loyola University, and has since done varying levels of work advocating for young people in the criminal justice system. Some of her work has included developing programs that serve as an alternative to the court system, helping to draft a juvenile justice reform bill, establishing and directing a small nonprofit, and managing a million dollar project implementing restorative justice practices in a public school system. Agnes now works as an independent restorative justice consultant in the greater Boston area and is a full time honors student at New England Law | Boston planning to specialize in litigation of juvenile and criminal law. She firmly believes that she wasn’t just lucky to have had the experiences she’s had, but that she can also credit much of her success to lessons learned while at Roycemore. 

“Thinking back on my time at Roycemore, I most value how my teachers were collaborators in my education. They didn’t tell me what to do or how to do it – they sought out my strengths and used them to help me excel. By the faculty modeling how to pull out my best and play to my strengths, they taught me how to do that on my own. The key to my education at Roycemore went so far beyond the classroom. They taught me to know myself, to love myself, to advocate for what I wanted, and that anything is within reach. These lessons have served me far beyond my years at Roycemore and presented me with opportunities that my peers have missed out on – both academically and professionally. I think more impersonal school settings can sometimes discourage students from asking challenging questions and digging deeper in ways that Roycemore definitely encouraged me to do.”