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I pinch myself sometimes.  The beauty of what I witness happening on a daily basis at Roycemore is so striking.  Sometimes it washes over me in such a powerful way, I get emotional because each day, in our little school, I witness such beautiful interactions between teachers and students and student to student, it overwhelms me. I wish such experiences for all young people.  While our school is small, there is nothing small about the impact that it has on our students.  The opportunities our students have, and the remarkable love and dedication of their teachers is pure and authentic.  It struck me even more this weekend as I was looking through the various blogs and facebook pages of our teachers, reading about and seeing photos and videos of the powerful learning that is taking place.  Roycemore is fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with talented faculty, parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, Northwestern University and companies like Adobe Corporation who understand the importance of our mission.

The single greatest way we can change the world is through education.  Day by day, hour by hour at Roycemore, we are changing lives, who in turn will change our world for the better.

Just a few of examples of the MORE in Roycemore include:

  • Our new collaboration with Adobe Corporation that has brought Design Thinking into our curriculum, provided access to the Creative Cloud suite for our students, initiated virtual internships with Adobe designers, and will create a unique January Short Term (JST) experience for one of our high school students.
  • Students school-wide are employing the Design Thinking problem-solving process to projects in English, the Humanities and P3 to name a few.
  • A variety of field experiences for our students. Just this year alone trips have included the overnight to Indiana Dunes National Park for our middle school students, trips to the Chicago Botanic Garden, architectural boat tours in the city, Chicago History Museum, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Evanston Water & Sewage Treatment plant, and The Grove Pumpkin Patch!  
  • Early Childhood students are enjoying a rich experience that includes time in the library, fostering a life-long love of learning, art, music, PE, and daily STEAM activities such as creating colorful bubbles in a pumpkin shell!
  • 3rd and 4th Graders are using math, science and home economics to harvest, pumpkins, create a pumpkin puree, then bake a sheet cake to be divided amongst them. Many math activities were included, and the reward was sweet!
  • The new Arc-en-Ciel class in the middle school provides immersive French and Art for our 5th and 6th graders.
  • Upper School students are designing their January Short Term projects and are hard at work creating Carnival, a fun and not so spooky day for the lower and middle school students.  It is a wonderful experience for the upper schoolers to create, and the younger students are very excited. If you would like to come by everything starts around 11:30 on Friday.
  • Our Faculty are connecting in new and more profound ways during their dedicated Professional Development time each week. More partnerships across subjects are creating deeper experiences for our students!  
  • And we are delighted that Niche.com has recognized our efforts with a new ranking as the number 5 K-12 school in Illinois and the #4 most diverse private school in Illinois.

We have only one thing missing though: more families need to know about Roycemore. We will never be a big school.  We are intentionally small to provide the very special learning environment that we have.  But being a little bit bigger will allow us to enhance our program and strengthen our school. In spite of being over one hundred years old, there are many families whose children would benefit from being at our school that simply don’t know about us.  Likewise, because we are over one hundred years old, some people in our community have outdated impressions of what Roycemore is all about.  

How can you help?

  1. Invite your friends and neighbors to our Open House this coming Sunday or one of our upcoming Admissions mornings!  Tell them that there is no obligation– just come to learn more about the MORE in Roycemore.  Here is a link to information about our Open House and where they can register.  If you want to help MORE, volunteer to talk to prospective families by contacting Amanda Avery at aavery@roycemoreschool.org
  2. If you have a great experience to share, write a review online.  Below are a couple of reviews shared in the last couple of months– one from an alum, and one from a parent.

“I attended Roycemore between 1989-1993. My experience was amazing to say the least. After years of reflection I realized I was truly fortunate to be taught by such sincere, caring, and incredibly talented teachers.”  – Roycemore School alumnus

“Roycemore offers outstanding academics — small classes with highly trained and dedicated teachers, and an excellent range of in and out of classroom learning opportunities. What really makes Roycemore unique, however, is the closeness of the community and the commitment to meeting the needs of each child as an individual.”  -Roycemore School parent

I know how incredible the experiences are that our children receive here every day– many of you have told me how much your children have changed for the better since coming to Roycemore.  As a small school, with a budget to match, we cannot afford to compete head-to-head against larger schools with big marketing budgets, or for-profit schools that are willing to out-spend us to promote their programs with the focus of earning more income in the long run for their owners.  Roycemore is a not-for-profit school that focuses its dollars where it counts the most– on the student experience. Our long-standing commitment to economic diversity in our student population results in a sense of community and inclusivity that is palpable, and a unique culture that combines Griffin pride with Midwestern humility.

Thank you for helping to spread the word about Roycemore to more potential students.  

Thank you for doing your part to change the world!

With Appreciation,


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