One day of Roycemore Middle School Experience

This is why we call it the Middle School Experience. Last week Roycemore sixth graders had a wonderful Humanities experience when we partnered with another local non-profit, Hip Circle Empowerment Center, to give life to our reading by experiencing a bit of Afghani culture, belly dancing! Hip Circle’s founder and executive director, Malik Turley, taught the class. She taught us many basic moves of belly dance (including snake arms, hip circles, seagrass hands, and plucking stars), and she also taught us some moves that are specific to Afghanistan (like bhangra hop). We discussed the history of belly dance. It was a wonderful experience, we learned more about Afghanistan and the Middle East, built schema, bonded with each other, and spent time in our community. Most importantly, we had a ton of fun together!

Hip Circle Vision: The Hip Circle Empowerment Center is a safe space for women of all ages, backgrounds, and economic status. It brings together women from across societal boundaries for shared experiences. Through dance and fitness, women are empowered to joyfully inhabit their bodies. Through personal and professional development, women are empowered to courageously accomplish their goals. Through involvement in the studio community, women are empowered to confidently make their voices heard.

Here is more information about Hip Circle: https://hipcircle.org/about-the-center/

Middle School Group at Hip Circle Empowerment Center

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