The Jetsons? No, Our Children!

One of my favorite TV shows when I was a child was The Jetsons, a cartoon show about a family circa 2062 and their daily lives. Watching the family get around “town” in their flying car and seeing their house get cleaned by their robot, Rosey, left me entertained by that possible future. As we know, much of the future that was envisioned in The Jetsons has come to pass. But although those flying cars still haven’t become part of our reality, recent news indicates they could be just around the corner. Uber has plans in place to launch a flyer car in Los Angeles by 2020. Why LA? Well, with the dreadful traffic it is a natural location for a flying car to succeed. In addition, up until 2014 there was a law in LA that required all tall buildings to have a heliport on the roof, mainly to support evacuations if there were earthquakes or fires. So this makes LA an ideal location for Uber to test a program in the United States. The prediction is that within a few years of the 2020 testing, the flying car will launch in earnest. Move over self-driving car, we are now looking at a whole new way to travel!

Today’s Middle School students will likely have the opportunity to experience flying cars when they are in college. Flying cars, self-driving cars…the reality that children who are currently in our Lower School will not likely have the need to get driver’s licenses when they are in high school is more and more certain. Think of the ramifications of all of these technological changes on our students lives. How will education change in response?  

At Roycemore, we are beginning to consider programming opportunities that will help our students transcend the very real changes that are coming our way. Our Board of Trustees and senior administrative team have identified several key areas that we believe could help set our children apart from their peers. We are beginning to explore the launch of some new partnerships and programmatic opportunities in response. Because of our small size, Roycemore can be nimble and move swiftly to respond to the changes taking place in the world around us.

Regardless of the changes made in programmatic offerings going forward, what will remain is our commitment to differentiation, to life-changing relationships, to small class sizes, and to providing opportunities for all of our students to shine. I invite you to be a part of the conversation. If you have ideas sparked from reading this short article, email me at afinleyodell@roycemoreschool.org.

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