“I know I’ve found my new home in Haverford.”

These past four years at Roycemore have been some of the best of my life. The combination of academic rigor and familial values of Roycemore have provided the perfect environment for me to learn and grow. When I started my college search I knew what I was looking for, a new Roycemore. I looked at over twenty schools, visiting most of them, but no school captured the spirit of Roycemore better than Haverford. Haverford’s community is unmatched. The way the student body interacts with one another and the faculty resembles more of a family than a school. Academically, Haverford provides all that I ever could wish for, small class sizes with professors who are eager to help each and every student in whatever what they can.  Don’t get me wrong, I also found the numerous resources of Haverford – research opportunities, small class sizes, consortium with UPenn and Swarthmore, the amazing facility – to be incredibly attractive, but the I main reason I am going to Haverford is the community. I know I’ve found my new home in Haverford.

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