“Her use of color is expressive, descriptive and beautiful.”

Vibi makes art that delights everyone. She is humble, soft spoken, very kind, and always striving to improve. Her use of color is expressive, descriptive and beautiful. She fills sketchbooks with delightful little drawings of every subject matter but especially figurative work done in marker and every other media. She can draw and paint a huge range of subject matter in a range of styles from cartoon to total realism. She was accepted to the most prestigious art schools around the country. I know she will do well and keep working diligently at Rhode Island School of Art and Design.

 – Ruth Hecht, Roycemore Upper School Art Teacher

After considering offers from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Ringling School of Art and Design, and Parsons School of Design, among others, Vibi has elected to go to RISD. At Roycemore, she has been a much-loved and admired member of the community, not just for her contribution to its culture of creativity but also for her participation in Culture Club and varsity Volleyball.

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