“I want to continue pursuing my passion in glass blowing.”

When selecting my schools for the college application process, I gave my college counselor a set of requirements. I knew I needed an institution with small class sizes, that is out of state, has a committed and caring faculty, and, most importantly, has a hotshop. Centre College is known for all of these.

Having a hotshop will allow me to get in reps and work toward improving, and I would ideally like to work in a studio that would allow me to pass on my passion for art to younger artists. Even though I am still uncertain as to my major in college, after I graduate, I am certain that I want to continue pursuing my passion in glass blowing.

Glass and all that it encompasses is unlike any other medium with which I have had the opportunity to work. Glass goes from a molten state to solid state through a spellbound display of craftsmanship. The material for me is the opportunity to experience a sense of euphoria unlike any other.

Before I began to work with glass, drawing, painting, jewelry, woodwork, and sculpture would often leave me feeling unsatisfied. I felt those mediums did not fully capture my intent and fully express myself. However, glass has helped me grow as an artist and as a person.

Santiago recently completed a glass intensive week at the Corning Museum of Glass in upstate New York on scholarship. He was one of six students selected from a variety of community glass programs to attend the workshop. Santiago’s art teacher at Roycemore describes him as a “true artist,” with a clear vision of what he wants to create and the patience to refine his work until it matches that vision.

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