Welcome from Interim Head Clark Daggett

Clark J. Daggett, Interim Headmaster

Clark J. Daggett, Interim Headmaster July 1, 2016

As my tenure as Interim Headmaster begins, I have a keen sense of excitement, anticipation, and gratitude. My excitement comes from the prospect of spending each day in such a vibrant, nurturing school dedicated to the growth and development of each student. Such deep commitment is not always the norm in educational institutions, but Roycemore School clearly holds itself to very high standards.  

My strong sense of anticipation comes from the conversations I’ve had with teachers in all three divisions and from the time I spent in early June observing classes. Education is very much a person-to-person enterprise, so students experience the most personal and academic growth when engaged every day with teachers who are invested in their success with high expectations for effort and behavior. From what I have seen, that is very much the ethos at Roycemore School, and faculty and students thrive on their positive engagement with each other. So, we can all anticipate significant growth among our students throughout the coming year.

My sense of gratitude comes from the faith the Board of Trustees has placed in me to offer leadership for our school. While there is much for me to learn about our school, our students, faculty, parents and alumni, I’ll do my best to get up to speed quickly. Roycemore School is unique and a truly valuable resource for the greater community, so I’ll hope to find ways that I can help further our mission to serve our deserving students.

During the summer, the Northwestern University Center for Talent Development is on campus offering their excellent gifted education programs for both elementary and secondary students. Our partnership with CTD will extend to the 2016-17 school year when we will be working collaboratively on teacher training in gifted education. This process will further our commitment to offer each student an educational program designed to meet his or her needs as thoroughly as we can. As with programs for students who need some extra support, gifted educational approaches and techniques have application to a wide range of students, so many of our students will benefit from this collaboration. Our Discovery program just completed its run for this year and our summer camp is in full swing. So, there is a great deal of activity on campus.

As the school year begins in late August, I look forward to meeting each of you and welcoming both our returning students and our new students. The start of every school year is a great opportunity for a new beginning for everyone involved in teaching and learning, and my hope is that all of us will take full advantage of the many exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

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