Strategic Planning – Our Vision for the Future

Roycemore Headmaster Kevin M. Smith

Kevin M. Smith, Headmaster February 20, 2015

Soon to celebrate our 100th year, Roycemore School is moving forward with a vision to become one of the most innovative schools in our region. We remain committed to the principles and values our founders adopted in 1915: excellent preparation for success through the development of scholarship, character, resilience, and the creative, collaborative, and communicative skills necessary to be successful in life.

Our ambition is to enhance our programs to be even more student-centered and differentiated, and to empower each student so that he or she will be among the best prepared to succeed in school and in an ever-changing and innovative world. We will sustain our commitment to educating students with diverse learning styles as we sustain a community that embraces diversity.

Over the past 18 months we have listened, discussed and researched. Through constituent surveys, morning coffee talks, evening socials, student focus groups, faculty meetings and reviewing contemporary education data and research, our agenda became clear. It has been engaging and fun ­– though at times challenging – work.

New Strategic Plan

We created a task force for strategic planning which included trustees, parents, faculty, alumni and two experienced independent school consultants. Highly focused, they made excellent progress and recommended several foundational elements of the strategic plan to the Board of Trustees, which approved them at its January meeting.

For decades the school has sustained a wonderful culture for students and fundamentally strong curricula. The culture of inclusivity, appreciation for individual differences and kindness was generally consistent with the student experience. As we work to grow our school we are seizing an opportunity to set a dynamic vision for our future and advance our programs and services. In response, we have updated our mission statement and added core values. In tandem these sustain our goals of inspiring and nurturing excellence while maintaining an environment that celebrates the contributions of individuals within our communities.

Vision Statement

Roycemore School will sustain our legacy of outstanding college preparatory education within our nurturing community. We remain committed to enhanced opportunities for student learning as we develop new centers of academic excellence, increase our engagement with our local community and develop long range fiscal plans to sustain our school for future generations.

Mission: Our Purpose

To inspire and nurture excellence and prepare each student for success in higher education and in a dynamic and complex world.

Core Values

Scholarship • Integrity • Community • Respect • Compassion

Philosophy of Education

Inspired faculty members working to differentiate and customize learning experiences for students are at the heart of Roycemore School. Over the past year the faculty has reimagined our school and written a new and innovative Philosophy of Education that was approved by the Board in January.

Roycemore School’s Educational Priorities are that our programs:

  • Are Learner Centric and Differentiated
  • Are Relevant, Contextualized and Competency Based
  • Develop Creativity, Collaboration and Critical Thinking
  • Promote Scholarship and Academic Rigor
  • Develop Student Self Advocacy, Resiliency and Self Determination
  • Integrate Technology Meaningfully
  • Provide Cross Grade Level Collaboration
  • Include Global Literacy and Civic Engagement
  • Incorporate Health and Wellness

There are many points of excellence in our programs and we will work from these to make every component at Roycemore outstanding. In all divisions of our school, students are thriving daily. From learning fundamental academic and social skills in our preschool through achieving post secondary work in our Upper School, Roycemore seeks to challenge and support achievement.

In continuing the strategic planning process, the Board of Trustees will focus on developing a long-range financial plan that will provide ample resources to sustain our community and school programs. As partners in advancing the school we look forward to continued collaboration with our community and the possibilities in the future.

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